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EMERY® 610, soya fatty acid, has approximately 53% polyunsaturated acid content and a saturated acid content of approximately 21%.

AltaLUB™ 5300 is a hydrolytically stable lubricant performance additive for semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.  AltaLUB 5300’s unique chemical properties lend themselves to applications where low foam and high lubricity are valued. Additional applications include emulsifiable oils and synthetic metalworking fluid formulations.

CORRGUARD LSA is a high-performance metalworking fluid additive consisting of primary amino alcohol chemistry with less than 0.75% secondary amine. The low secondary amine level of CORRGUARD LSA helps formulators meet increasingly stringent end-user and regulatory requirements, such as TRGS 611 in Germany. CORRGUARD LSA is 100% water soluble and provides high-efficiency neutralization, pH stability and corrosion control, and leaches less cobalt than most competitive amine chemistries used in today’s metalworking fluid formulations. It also enhances resistance to microbial degradation when used in conjunction with registered biocides.

CORRGUARD™ SI corrosion inhibitor is specifically designed for use in metalworking fluid formulations to inhibit staining on commonly used aluminum alloys, such as Al 380, as well as galvanized steel and galvaneal. It also provides emulsification and lubricity properties and has a favorable environmental profile. The unique multifunctionality of CORRGUARD SI may allow other formulation ingredients to be reduced, allowing optimization of fluid cost and performance in certain formulations.

CORRGUARD™ EXT is a multifunctional additive that helps enable formulation of longer-lasting metalworking fluids with improved pH stability, excellent corrosion control of ferrous metals, multi-metal compatibility and resistance to extraction by tramp oil. CORRGUARD EXT has been shown to provide enhanced fluid life when used with a broad range of registered biocides, offering formulators an ideal solution to optimize the performance of their existing fluids without requiring significant reformulation. It also offers a favorable environmental profile and is readily biodegradable in the environment.

CORRGUARD™ FLEX is a multifunctional amino alcohol that uniquely combines neutralization, pH stabilization and extended fluid life in one product, providing formulators with the flexibility to optimize overall functionality in metalworking fluid formulations. When used with registered biocides, CORRGUARD FLEX helps extend fluid life in a broad range of MWF formulations with improved formulating compatibility and corrosion control.

CORRGUARD™ LF 100 is an efficient, hard-water-stable, primary emulsifier for semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulations. CORRGUARD LF 100 has low-foaming characteristics and improved stability when compared with other commonly used primary emulsifiers.

CORRGUARD™ 95 is a high-performance amino alcohol for metalworking fluids comprised of 95% aminomethyl propanol in an aqueous solution. CORRGUARD 95 is an effective corrosion inhibitor, and is very efficient at neutralizing acidic ingredients, such as carboxylic acids and phosphate esters. It prevents cobalt leaching, provides pH stability and enhances resistance to microbial degradation when used in conjunction with registered biocides