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Ingevity a leading global manufacturer of high-performing specialty additives used in metalworking fluid, industrial lubricant, low-sulfur diesel fuel and grease applications. For more than 70 years, Ingevity has supplied the lubricants market with sustainable solutions derived from tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) and distilled tall oil (DTO) which provide unique performance properties including surface activation, co-emulsification, corrosion inhibition and solvency in various formulations.

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Ingevity is a producer of tall oil fatty acid (TOFA), distilled tall oil (DTO), and tall oil derivatives. These sustainable and renewable resources are crucial performance additives for industrial lubricants, greases and metalworking applications. In addition, these bio-based raw materials impart unique properties for soaps and detergent manufacturers by providing surface activation, co-emulsification, hydrotropic, and solvency in basic and high-end formulations.

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