VBASE® Oil Company

VBASE Oil Company is a manufacturer of novel high performance and sustainable base oils. VBASE products are biobased, readily biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-bioaccumulating – certified USDA BioPreferred, EU Ecolabel LuSC-list, and NSF HX-1. Based on Secondary Polyol Ester™ technology, VBASE base oils provide exceptional hydrolytic stability, increased efficiency, and broad compatibility to enable the formulation of high-performance Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) for use in a variety of industries. Learn more at Vbaseoil.com

Typical Physical Properties of VBASE Base Oils by Viscosity Grade

Kin. Viscosity at 40℃, mm2/sec29.544.253.669.467.096.9
Kin. Viscosity at 100℃, mm2/ sec6.18.610.712.113.015.5
Viscosity Index162177196173198170
Pour Point, ℃-60-42-30-33-39-36
Flash Point, ℃236235300248296262
Fire Point, ℃262264324276322280
Biodegradation, %, OECD 301B>80>80>80>80>80>80
Biobased Carbon, %635076596565
‘S’ indicates Saturated and ‘U’ indicates Unsaturated

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