Tego® Antifoam 793

Tego® Antifoam 793 is a 100% active defoamer concentrate based on organomodified siloxanes and is water dispersible. This product can be used in metalworking fluids (MWF), surfactant concentrates and textile auxiliaries.

Tego Antifoam 793 can be formulated into concentrates to produce low foaming fluids. Furthermore, it can be used in the ready-to-use fluid as a tank side defoamer.

For MWF, Tego Antifoam 793 is used in semi-synthetic fluids and soluble oils if incorporated into the concentrate. As a tank side defoamer, it is suitable for all different types of water-based MWF.

In alkaline metal cleaners, Tego Antifoam 793 can be recommended as a tank side defoamer.