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Surfynol® MD-20 defoamer is an organic molecular defoamer based on Gemini surfactant technology. This unique multifunctional defoamer can provide a combination of foam control and dynamic wetting. Surfynol® MD-20 defoamer can be exceptionally effective at reducing foam-relative defectsin waterborne systems. It can rpovide foam control and reduce microfoam without the incompatibilities or other issues associated with silicone or mineral oil defoamers.

Surfynol® SE Surfactant is a non-ionic, low-foam dynamic wetting agent based on Gemini surfactant technology. Depending on specific formulations, it can act as a highly effective wetting agent, defoamer, and viscosity stabilizer-and often performs more than one of these functions simulatneously.

Dynol™ 360 surfactant is a low-foam superwetting and coalescing surfactant. It is a solvent-free liquid that can be used in a wide variety of waterborne applications, including wood, metal, and plastic coatings as well as fountain solutions. This unique, multifunctional additive offers superior dynamic surface tension reduction and wetting, outstanding defect-free foam control, and excellent stability in systems ranging from pH 3-13. Dynol 360 surfactant also helps to lower the minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) of a system while aiding in coalescence, helping formulations to comply with stringent environmental and VOC requirements.

Based on patented Gemini surfactant technology, DYNOL™ 604 Surfactant is a high-performance, non-ionic organic superwetter that provides the excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction associated with the Dynol name.

Surfynol® 61 Surfactant is a 100% active multifunctional surface active agent. Due to its volatile nature, Surfynol® 61 surfactant can evaporate from a system under use conditions and/or heating. Therefore, Surfynol® 61 surfactant is useful in applications where residual surface activity or contamination is undesireable, such as a silicon water and glass cleaning.

Surfynol® 61 Surfactant can provide excellent wetting of polyethylene and polyproplyne films.