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AlphaPlus® C30+HA is a hi-alpha wax with applications that include: personal care; PVC lubricants; ASA; alkyl silanes

AlphaPlus® C26-28 is a hi-alpha wax with a drop melt point of 126 °F. Applications include: candles; pour point depressants; lube oil additives; epoxides; personal care

AlphaPlus® C24-28 is an olefin wax with a drop melt point of 146 °F. Applications include: epoxides; candles; pour point depressants; personal care

AlphaPlus® C20-24 is a hi-alpha wax with a melting point of 96 °F. Applications include: lube oil additives; personal care; epoxides; drilling fluids; maleic anhydride copolymers; pour point depressants