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AltaLUB™ 5300 is a hydrolytically stable lubricant performance additive for semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.  AltaLUB 5300’s unique chemical properties lend themselves to applications where low foam and high lubricity are valued. Additional applications include emulsifiable oils and synthetic metalworking fluid formulations.

CORRGUARD™ EXT is a multifunctional additive that helps enable formulation of longer-lasting metalworking fluids with improved pH stability, excellent corrosion control of ferrous metals, multi-metal compatibility and resistance to extraction by tramp oil. CORRGUARD EXT has been shown to provide enhanced fluid life when used with a broad range of registered biocides, offering formulators an ideal solution to optimize the performance of their existing fluids without requiring significant reformulation. It also offers a favorable environmental profile and is readily biodegradable in the environment.

CORRGUARD™ LF 100 is an efficient, hard-water-stable, primary emulsifier for semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulations. CORRGUARD LF 100 has low-foaming characteristics and improved stability when compared with other commonly used primary emulsifiers.

Akypo® ROX RS-0606N is a medium polarity, low foaming emulsifier for metalworking fluids. It provides moderate hard water and electrolyte stability along with limesoap dispersing power. Akypo ROX RS-0606N shows synergistic effects with PO/EO ethercarboxylic acids for optimized hard water stability.

Akypo® ROX RS-0602N is a non-ionic, hydrophobic emulsifier for metalworking fluids with low foaming characteristics. In formulations, Akypo ROX RS-0602N provides overall chemical and physical stability and has synergistic effects with PO/EO ethercarboxylic acids for optimized hard water stability.

Tagat® V 20 is an ethoxylated castor oil oleate. It is a low foaming emulsifier used in a wide range of applications such as metalworking fluids, concrete release agents, textile auxiliary formulations and pulp and paper defoamers. For metalworking fluids, Tagat V 20 is mainly used for the formulation of environmentally friendly fluids based on vegetable and synthetic ester oils, as well as combinations of these oils with mineral oils.

Variquat® CC 42 NS is a cationic liquid laundry additive compatible with solvents used in dry cleaning which leaves minimum residue. Benefits include:

Excellent lubricity
Highly effective antistat
Exhibits functionality in both oil and water
Compatible with anionic surfactants without salting out
Stable to hydrolysis
Outstanding tolerance vs. calcium ions

Variquat CC 42 NS is also used in the following applications: ink jet printing, emulsion polymerization, high speed copier antistat, rheological additive for ceramic slurries, emulsifier, dispersant for organic and metallic pigments in non-aqueous systems.

For the Homecare, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning markets this product is available for sale, from Sea-Land Chemical Company, in the following states: AL, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, MD, MI, MS, MO, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV, WI.

Versatic™ Acid 10, known chemically as neodecanoic acid, is a versatile, multi-functional saturated carboxylic acid, useful in a variety of applications due to its unique structure. Versatic acid 10 is used widely in metalworking fluids, and as a corrosion inhibitor in other aqueous recirculating systems. Salts of Versatic Acid 10 are also used in paint driers, PVC stabilizers, wood preservatives, metal extraction agents, and to improve the adhesion between rubber and the brass plating on steel belts in tires. Versatic Acid 10 has replaced naphthenic acid in many applications.