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Diacid 1550 is a liquid dicarboxylic acid derived from fatty acids with applications in metalworking fluids, soaps and detergents. In metalworking fluids, Diacid 1550 functions as a co-emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, lubricity additive and wetting agent.

Altapur™ Hydro P-40 is a bio-based hydrotrope derived from tall oil fatty acids which improves formulation stability of alkaline cleaners and degreasers. Altapur Hydro P-40 is compatible with most nonionic and anionic surfactants, phenolic disinfectants and terpenes.  Altapur Hydro P-40 can be used alone or is compatible with other hydrotropes, such as sulphonates, phosphate esters and amphoterics.

AKYPO LF 1 is an anionic, low foaming surfactant with hydrotropic properties.  AKYPO LF 1 is a solubiliser for metalworking fluids and reduces foam stability when combined with foaming surfactants.  In formulations, the AKYPO LF 1 exhibits the support of corrosion prevention; hard water stability and mildness to skin.

SIMULSOL™ SL 8 is a high cleaning and solubilizing agent based on specific C8-C10 alkylpolyglucoside. SIMULSOL SL 8 is ideal for the development of safe and efficient detergents for cleaning soiled surfaces or even industrial liquid soap. SIMULSOL SL 8 offers high cleaning and hydrotropic efficiency in many applications such as industrial care, home care, oilfield and construction.

Tomamine Amphoteric 16 is a biodegradable, high foaming and hydrotroping surfactant. It is designed for use in alkaline or acid cleaning formulations where the solubility of surfactants in high electrolyte content or water hardness is problematic. This product also provides good coupling stability, wetting and detergency in a wide range of formulations.

Tomamine Amphoteric 400 is a surfactant that is an extremely low foaming iminodipropionate amphoteric supplied as a 50% solution of the partial sodium salt. It is designed for use in hard surface alkaline or acid cleaning formulations where no foam is desired.

SIMULSOL™ SL 26 C is a product used to formulate products that deodorize, clean, and eliminate the sources of bad odors. SIMULSOL SL 26 C is high foaming and offers strong emulsifying properties.

SIMULSOL™ SL 4 is a readily biodegradable alkylpolyglucoside viscosity reducer. SIMULSOL SL 4 is a concentrated liquid and shows very limited or even no foam production. SIMULSOL SL 4 contributes to surface tension reduction, effective at high concentration of NaOH and compatible with all types of surfactants.

SIMULSOL™ AS 48 is an ecofriendly, non-foaming alkylpolyglucoside which is compatible with defoaming surfactants.