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SIMULSOL™ SL 82 is a powerful degreasing surfactant designed to remove oil and grease while also permitting a quick split of emulsified oils or greases after operations. SIMULSOL is especially designed for alkaline operations. SIMULSOL SL 82 is a foaming surfactant which is ideal for formulation foaming degreasing composition.

AKYPO RLM 100 is a concentrated surfactant for mild formulations.  AKYPO RLM 100 is an undeserved, organic acid that enables formulations with various neutralization agents and helps for easy formulation of stable and clear gels.  In formulations, AKYPO RLM 100 exhibits excellent mildness to skin and mucous membranes, overall physical-chemical stability and the combined benefits of non-ionic and anionic surfactants.

AKYPO RLM 45 CA is a concentrated surfactant for mild formulations.  AKYPO RLM 45CA is an unpreserved, organic acid that enables formulations with various neutralization agents. In formulations, AKYPO RLM 45 CA exhibits an enhanced efficiency of quats, improvement of lathering and overall physical-chemical stability.

SIMULSOL™ SL 11W is a sugar based, non-ionic alkylpolyglucoside which combines high wetting and high foaming properties with no cloud point. SIMULSOL SL 11W exhibits high compatibility and solubility in concentrated alkaline and electrolyte solutions.

Varine® O is an oleyl imidazoline. The product was developed as a corrosion inhibitor for greases, rust preventives and industrial lubricants. In the salt form, Varine O becomes cationic and is attracted to negatively charged substrates.

Varine O and its salt can be used to penetrate oils, in antistatic formulations, in textile and dyes, as a corrosion inhibitor, to reduce feathering in inks, and in petroleum production.

The main product benefits are:

Readily soluble in polar solvents and hydrocarbons
Excellent foamer, with increased activity when made more acidic
Improves wetting in acidic detergents
Varine O salt is soluble in polar organic solvents

For the Homecare, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning markets this product is available for sale, from Sea-Land Chemical Company, in the following states: AL, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, MD, MI, MS, MO, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV, WI.

Tomamine® Acid Foamer is a cationic surfactant designed to provide dense, stable foam in strong acids such as hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and sulfuric.

SIMULSOL™ SL 8 is a high cleaning and solubilizing agent based on specific C8-C10 alkylpolyglucoside. SIMULSOL SL 8 is ideal for the development of safe and efficient detergents for cleaning soiled surfaces or even industrial liquid soap. SIMULSOL SL 8 offers high cleaning and hydrotropic efficiency in many applications such as industrial care, home care, oilfield and construction.

Tomamine® AO-728 is a high foaming 50% active amine oxide surfactant. It is an economical replacement for lauryl dimethyl amine oxide and many alkanolamides. Additionally, it acts as a foam booster and stabilizer and offers excellent detergency and it compatible in anionic, cationic and nonionic systems.

Tomamine Amphoteric 16 is a biodegradable, high foaming and hydrotroping surfactant. It is designed for use in alkaline or acid cleaning formulations where the solubility of surfactants in high electrolyte content or water hardness is problematic. This product also provides good coupling stability, wetting and detergency in a wide range of formulations.

Tomamine Amphoteric SC is a 35% active amphoteric designed for use in alkaline and acid cleaners offering excellent coupling, stability, foaming and wetting.