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AEPD brand of 2-amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol is manufactured by Advancion. This aminodiol has a wide variety of end uses including dispersions, emulsification, formaldehyde scavenging, and synthesis.

AEPD™ 85 is a multifunctional amino alcohol for metalworking fluids comprised of 85% aminoethyl propanediol in a 15% aqueous solution. AEPD 85 has an intermediate base strength (pKa 8.8) and provides a good balance of pH development and reserve alkalinity properties. AEPD 85 has been shown to provide enhanced microbial control in fluids formulated with triazine-based biocides. It also offers a favorable environmental profile, improved foaming performance and reduced cobalt leaching when compared with alternative chemistries.