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VARONIC® T 215 is a 15 mole ethoxylate of tallow amine. Varonic T 215 is an excellent emulsifier and wetting agent and provides alkalinity to formulations. The product works well in acidic and alkaline formulas. Ethoxylated amines have excellent hard water tolerance, acid and alkali stability, quaternary compatibility and tend to inhibit corrosion in some applications.

Varonic T 205 is a 5 mole ethoxylate of tallow amine and has the following applications:

Dispersing agent
Chemical intermediate
Dye levelling
Internal antistat in thermoplastic polymers

Rewocoros® AC 261 is a modified fatty acid diglycolamine (DGA) condensations product. It is used as a corrosion inhibitor and co-emulsifier for water-based metalworking (MWF) fluids. Rewocoros AC 261 is recommended for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum but can also be used with ferrous metals. Due to the presence of DGA, Rewocoros AC 261 is well-suited for its use in MWF that are applied for processing of yellow metals and hard metals (carbide).

Rewocoros® AC 100 US is a modified fatty acid monoethanolamine (MEA) condensation product. The product is used as a corrosion inhibitor and co-emulsifier for water-based metalworking fluids (MWF). Rewocoros AC 100 US is recommended for semi-synthetic MWF in combination with non-ionic emulsifiers and boric acid amine blends. This will result in clean MWF and systems that are highly biostable. Furthermore, Rewocoros AC 100 US can be used to formulate soluble MWF along with sodium sulfonates.

Adogen® 172 is a primary oleyl amine of vegetable origin. The main applications for Adogen 172 are metal corrosion inhibitor, petroleum additives, lube oil additives, pulp and paper additives, textile auxiliaries and chemical intermediates.