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EMERY® 610, soya fatty acid, has approximately 53% polyunsaturated acid content and a saturated acid content of approximately 21%.

ALKATERGE™ E is a non-volatile oxazoline-based surface-active agent used in emulsions, dispersions, and corrosion inhibitors across a variety of metalworking fluid applications.

ALKATERGE™ T is an oxazoline-based nonvolatile surface-active agent used as a corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, and pigment dispersant in a variety of industrial applications. ALKATERGE T functions well as a primary emulsifier in forming water-in-oil emulsions and is particularly useful in products such as metal polishes and waxes. Thin coats of ALKATERGE-T can be used to prevent corrosion of metals during shipment or storage.

Altapyne™ M-28B is a medium colored distilled tall oil (DTO), containing fatty acids and approximately 28% rosin.  Altapyne M-28B is used as an emulsifier for metalworking fluids and an asphalt emulsion additive.

Altapyne™ M-38 is a medium colored distilled tall oil (DTO) containing fatty acids and approximately 40% rosin.  Altapyne M-38 offers economy and improved quality in fatty acid applications where high rosin content enhances product performance in metalworking fluids.

Diacid 1550 is a liquid dicarboxylic acid derived from fatty acids with applications in metalworking fluids, soaps and detergents. In metalworking fluids, Diacid 1550 functions as a co-emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, lubricity additive and wetting agent.

Altapur™ Hydro P-40 is a bio-based hydrotrope derived from tall oil fatty acids which improves formulation stability of alkaline cleaners and degreasers. Altapur Hydro P-40 is compatible with most nonionic and anionic surfactants, phenolic disinfectants and terpenes.  Altapur Hydro P-40 can be used alone or is compatible with other hydrotropes, such as sulphonates, phosphate esters and amphoterics.

Altapyne™ L1 is a bio-based, light-colored tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) containing a low level of rosin acids.  Altapyne L1 is an excellent raw material for the production of high-quality specialty industrial chemicals such as dimer acids, epoxidized tallate esters and fatty acid esters.

Altapyne™ L5 is a 100% bio-based, tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) which remains liquid at low temperatures. Typical applications include industrial cleaners, metalworking fluids and corrosion inhibitors.

AltaLUB™ 5300 is a hydrolytically stable lubricant performance additive for semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.  AltaLUB 5300’s unique chemical properties lend themselves to applications where low foam and high lubricity are valued. Additional applications include emulsifiable oils and synthetic metalworking fluid formulations.