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Akylpolyglucoside – 100% biobased hydrotrope Simulsol SL 7 G is a non-ionic surfactant from the polyglucosides family, and is a concentrated liquid, easy to handle, and exhibits excellent compatibility, stability…

Tomadol® 25-12 is an ethoxylated alcohol surfactant. It is made from linear synthetic alcohols that are excellent wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents that provide ease of handling and formulation.

Tomamine Amphoteric 400 is a surfactant that is an extremely low foaming iminodipropionate amphoteric supplied as a 50% solution of the partial sodium salt. It is designed for use in hard surface alkaline or acid cleaning formulations where no foam is desired.

Tomamine® Amphoteric 12 is a biodegradable, low foaming and hydrotroping surfactant. It is designed for use in alkaline or acid cleaning formulations where the solubility of the surfactants in high electrolyte content or water hardness is problematic.