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AEPD brand of 2-amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol is manufactured by Advancion. This aminodiol has a wide variety of end uses including dispersions, emulsification, formaldehyde scavenging, and synthesis.

AEPD™ 85 is a multifunctional amino alcohol for metalworking fluids comprised of 85% aminoethyl propanediol in a 15% aqueous solution. AEPD 85 has an intermediate base strength (pKa 8.8) and provides a good balance of pH development and reserve alkalinity properties. AEPD 85 has been shown to provide enhanced microbial control in fluids formulated with triazine-based biocides. It also offers a favorable environmental profile, improved foaming performance and reduced cobalt leaching when compared with alternative chemistries.

TEGOPREN® 5801 is a polyether siloxane that reduces fibre/fibre and fibre/metal friction. Other benefits of this products is that it decreases foam knock down times, increase foam hold down times and release entrained air from surfaces.

SOLAGUM™ SF 306 is an easy to use thickener and emulsifying polymer in the form of a liquid emulsion for industrial and home care applications. SOLAGUM SF 306 is compatible with electrolytes, but only at alkaline pH. SOLAGUM SF 306 is suitable for silicone and paraffin emulsions.  The simple addition of water, appropriate solvent, mixture of solvents or water/solvent blends to SOLAGUM SF 306 gives instantaneous gels at room temperature. SOLAGUM SF 306 is the best product to thicken highly alkaline formulations.

Tagat® TO V is a liquid, non-ionic POE 25 glycerol trioleate emulsifier. Tagat TO V is used as an emulsifier in a wide range of industrial applications including metalworking fluids (MWF), concrete release agents, agrochemicals and textile auxiliaries. In the case of MWF applications, Tagat TO V is primarily used for the formulation of environmentally friendly fluids based on mineral oils and synthetic ester oils, as well as ester oil/mineral blends. The excellent emulsifying properties allows a reduction of the total emulsifier content which is necessary for the fluid emulsification.