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Thixocal 8100 is a high solids, corrosion preventive base compound, comprised of modified overbased calcium sulfonate/alkyd, along with numerous other film forming and drying additives. Thixocal 8100 can be further formulated to produce high solids and low VOC coatings for long term applications.

Thixocal 7600 is a high solids, thixotropic, corrosion preventive formulating base designed for use with a broad variety of other ingredients to produce corrosion preventive compounds. Thixocal 7600 is a dispersion of modified calcium sulfonate in mineral spirits.

Lower Viscosity Partially Formulated Corrosion Preventive Compound ThixoCal™ 5060 is a partially formulated corrosion preventive compound comprised of a gelled calciumsulfonate and a variety of other film forming ingredients. ThixoCal™5060…

Thixocal 5000A is a dispersion of modified calcium sulfonate, waxes and other ingredients in mineral spirits. This corrosion preventive compound is typically used in vehicle rust proofing applications. Thixocal 5000A is a good choice for long term indoor storage and may be pigmented for use in long term outdoor storage applications.

Thixocal 4400 is a morpholine-free, corrosion preventive waterborne coating which will impart a waxy, translucent film upon evaporation of the water. Thixocal 4400 is an excellent automotive anti-corrosion coating for both OEM and aftermarket applications where solvents are not desirable.

Thixocal 3000A is a partially formulated base compound comprised of gelled calcium sulfonate, wax, oil and other ingredients in mineral spirits. Thixocal 3000A can be further formulated by incorporating additional asphalts, resins, oils or other ingredients. When further diluted, Thixocal 3000A can be used as a protective coating for short term outdoor and long term indoor storage.

Thixocal 2000A is a partially formulated solvent free corrosion preventive compound comprised of a gelled calcium sulfonate in an oil carrier.  Thixocal 2000A will desposit an oily film with good penetrating and lubricating properties attributable to the high polarity of the sulfonate portion.  The product also provides excellent salt spray protection and is intended to be used for bearings, hinges, and wire rope or cable lubricants.