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SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C is an alkylpolyglucoside prepared from glucose and butanol. Its numerous properties like low foaming power, a wide range of pH compatibility, electrolyte resistance, viscosity reduction, and safety…

SEPIMAX ZEN™ is the perfect polymer for building the “chassis” of formulations and addressing the challenge of stress-inducing and difficult active ingredients. It forms a versatile transparent gel with a…

SOLAGUM™ AX is a 100% natural thickening & stabilizing polymer. It is a water-soluble polymer that dissolves quickly and delivers a non-stringy, non-sticky & fresh aqueous sensation. SOLAGUM™ AX is…

Akylpolyglucoside – 100% biobased hydrotrope Simulsol SL 7 G is a non-ionic surfactant from the polyglucosides family, and is a concentrated liquid, easy to handle, and exhibits excellent compatibility, stability…

SIMULSOL™ SL 82 is a powerful degreasing surfactant designed to remove oil and grease while also permitting a quick split of emulsified oils or greases after operations. SIMULSOL is especially designed for alkaline operations. SIMULSOL SL 82 is a foaming surfactant which is ideal for formulation foaming degreasing composition.

SIMULSOL™ SL 11W is a sugar based, non-ionic alkylpolyglucoside which combines high wetting and high foaming properties with no cloud point. SIMULSOL SL 11W exhibits high compatibility and solubility in concentrated alkaline and electrolyte solutions.

SIMULSOL™ SL 8 is a high cleaning and solubilizing agent based on specific C8-C10 alkylpolyglucoside. SIMULSOL SL 8 is ideal for the development of safe and efficient detergents for cleaning soiled surfaces or even industrial liquid soap. SIMULSOL SL 8 offers high cleaning and hydrotropic efficiency in many applications such as industrial care, home care, oilfield and construction.

SOLAGUM™ USPI is an easy to use thickener and emulsifying polymer in the form of a liquid emulsion for industrial and home care applications. SOLAGUM USPI is compatible with wide ranges of pH and with anionics and non-ionics. SOLAGUM USPI is suitable for all types of emulsions.

SOLAGUM SJ 108 is an easy to use thickener and emulsifying polymer in the form of a liquid emulsion for industrial and home care applications. SOLAGUM SJ 108 is compatible with alkaline pH and suitable for silicone and paraffin emulsions.  The simple addition of water, appropriate solvent, mixture of solvents or water/solvent blends to SOLAGUM SJ 108 gives instantaneous gels at room temperature.