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EMERY® 610, soya fatty acid, has approximately 53% polyunsaturated acid content and a saturated acid content of approximately 21%.

EMEROX® 1110 is an azelaic acid derived from natural, renewable sources.  EMEROX 1110 improves flexibility and provides derivatives with lower melting points than derivatives based on even-carbon acids while also providing good solubility characteristics.

EMERSOL™ 7043  is a palmitic acid that is Kosher grade.  EMERSOL 7043 is also free of chick edema factor.

EMERSOL™ 7036 is a vegetable stearic acid that is NF and Food Grade as well as Kosher Certified.

EMEROX 1199® is a dibasic acid mixture that provides excellent ferrous metal corrosion protection when formulated as an amine salt into water-based metalworking fluids, cleaners, hydraulic fluids and engine coolants.

EMERY® 657 is a commercially pure Caprylic Acid.  This product is a water-white liquid containing approximately 99% caprylic acid.

EMERY® 629, stripped coconut fatty acid, has been specially distilled to reduce the low molecular weight C8-C10 portion of the acid mixture found in “normal” coconut fatty acids from approximately 13% to 1%.

EMERY® 622, coconut fatty acid, has been specially refined to offer excellent initial color.  EMERY 622 is manufactured for applications requiring a lower-cast, short-chain fatty acid.

EMERY® 422 is a stearic acid.  The stearic : palmitic ratio of EMERY 422 results in a combination of physical properties unobtainable from stearic acids of any other composition.  It offers high hardness, low shrinkage and low titer, all of which are particularly useful in the manufacture of many molded products.  EMERY 422 also possesses light initial color, good heat and color stability, low iodine value and low odor.