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ALKATERGE™ E is a non-volatile oxazoline-based surface-active agent used in emulsions, dispersions, and corrosion inhibitors across a variety of metalworking fluid applications.

ALKATERGE™ T is an oxazoline-based nonvolatile surface-active agent used as a corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, and pigment dispersant in a variety of industrial applications. ALKATERGE T functions well as a primary emulsifier in forming water-in-oil emulsions and is particularly useful in products such as metal polishes and waxes. Thin coats of ALKATERGE-T can be used to prevent corrosion of metals during shipment or storage.

CORRGUARD™ SI corrosion inhibitor is specifically designed for use in metalworking fluid formulations to inhibit staining on commonly used aluminum alloys, such as Al 380, as well as galvanized steel and galvaneal. It also provides emulsification and lubricity properties and has a favorable environmental profile. The unique multifunctionality of CORRGUARD SI may allow other formulation ingredients to be reduced, allowing optimization of fluid cost and performance in certain formulations.