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12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid is a creamy colored wax like odorless substance derived from hydrogenation & hydrolysis of Castor Oil & it usually constitutes 83 to 90% of Fatty Acids in Castor Oil. 12-HSA is generally used in flakes or powder form

Thixocal 8100 is a high solids, corrosion preventive base compound, comprised of modified overbased calcium sulfonate/alkyd, along with numerous other film forming and drying additives. Thixocal 8100 can be further formulated to produce high solids and low VOC coatings for long term applications.

Thixocal 7600 is a high solids, thixotropic, corrosion preventive formulating base designed for use with a broad variety of other ingredients to produce corrosion preventive compounds. Thixocal 7600 is a dispersion of modified calcium sulfonate in mineral spirits.

Lower Viscosity Partially Formulated Corrosion Preventive Compound ThixoCalâ„¢ 5060 is a partially formulated corrosion preventive compound comprised of a gelled calciumsulfonate and a variety of other film forming ingredients. ThixoCalâ„¢5060…

Thixocal 5000A is a dispersion of modified calcium sulfonate, waxes and other ingredients in mineral spirits. This corrosion preventive compound is typically used in vehicle rust proofing applications. Thixocal 5000A is a good choice for long term indoor storage and may be pigmented for use in long term outdoor storage applications.

Thixocal 4400 is a morpholine-free, corrosion preventive waterborne coating which will impart a waxy, translucent film upon evaporation of the water. Thixocal 4400 is an excellent automotive anti-corrosion coating for both OEM and aftermarket applications where solvents are not desirable.