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NaMBT 50% is a 50% aqueous solution of sodium-2-mercaptobenzothiazole (NaMBT).  NaMBT 50% is used as a corrosion inhibitor to protect copper and copper alloys.  The product is also used in aqueous and glycol based liquids (antifreeze products), cooling water and metalworking fluids.

NaMBT was formerly known as  Preventol® CI 4

BAYHIBIT® S is a highly effective scale and corrosion inhibitor which can be used in cooling water without the addition of acids, i.e. at free pH.  BAYHIBIT S often allows a higher concentration and this allows for reductions in makeup water and blowdown.

Preventol® P-100 is a 98% solid Bronopol used for products such as surfactant solutions, polymer emulsions, polishes or household products.  Also, Preventol P-100 can be used for water treatment in cooling circuits and paper mills.

BAYHIBIT® AM is an aqueous solution of PBTC for water treatment and cleaning agents.  BAYHIBIT AM can be used in water treatment applications as an effective scale inhibitor in cooling water circuits and process water systems.  In addition, BAYHIBIT AM is also an excellent corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel.  BAYHIBIT AM is most effective at neutral to high pH and high hardness, also making it an effective dispersing agent for alkaline cleaning agents and detergents.  BAYHIBIT AM has outstanding solubility, and can be mixed with strong acid or alkali solutions.