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Preventol® O Extra Preservative is a 99% ortho-phenylphenol, 2-phenylphenol, (OPP), which is used for the preservation of aqueous products such as glues and adhesives, thickener solutions, concrete additives, filler suspensions and pigment slurries.

Preventol® CMK Preservative is a 98% chlorocresol which is used for the preservation of polymer dispersions and emulsions, metalworking and cutting fluids and industrial lubricants.

Preventol® P-100 is a 98% solid Bronopol used for products such as surfactant solutions, polymer emulsions, polishes or household products.  Also, Preventol P-100 can be used for water treatment in cooling circuits and paper mills.

Preventol® ON Extra is a 70% OPP and can be used as an active ingredient for the formulation of all-purpose disinfectants and disinfectant liquid soaps.