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EMEROX® 1110 is an azelaic acid derived from natural, renewable sources.  EMEROX 1110 improves flexibility and provides derivatives with lower melting points than derivatives based on even-carbon acids while also providing good solubility characteristics.

Emgard® 2100 is a synthetic ester-based ISO VG 100 compressor lubricant. The Emgard 2100 is formulated with additives to meet today’s reciprocating and rotary air compressors. The product has been designed to show improved compatibility with the catalyst systems which are commonly used in hydrotreating, reforming and platforming processes.

PLURASAFE WS 660 lubricant basestock is a water-soluble (WS), mono-alcohol initiated ethylene oxide/propylene oxide mixed co-polymer with a low order of toxicity. As a basestock for water-free formulations it provides excellent lubrication and has very good compatibility with conventional lubrication additives.