Two Solutions to Thicken Your Surfactant-Base Formulations

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Two Solutions to Thicken Your Base Formulation

Seppic has two new products that will help thicken your surfactant base formulations, Solagum™ AX and SEPIMAX™ Zen. These are two multifunctional products that will help with thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing your formulation.

Solagum™ AX*

Acacia Senegal Gum & Xanthan Gum

Natural plant-based thickening polymer, easy to use – no neutralization needed – perfect to achieve bio-based products.

Properites of Solagum™ AX

Multifunctional: thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing

Ready-to-use: powder that dissolves in hot or cold water (or oil),
faster than xanthan gum

Wide pH range stability: 3-12

Excellent resistance to electrolytes

Forms clear aqueous gels

Good particle suspension power

Textures of fluid to medium consistencies

Compatible with solvents, surfactants, AHAs, H2O2

Green Labels & Biodegradability




100% Natural Origin Content according to ISO 16128

Readily Biodegradable


Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6

Produced using a disruptive innovation patented by SEPPIC, SEPIMAX ZEN™ is a next-generation thickening, stabilizing and texturizing powder polymer. It has MAXimal resistance to electrolytes and can be used to formulater with greater creativity and peace of mind. Easy-to-use pre-neutralized powder polymer, in cold or hot processes. Extreme resistance to electrolytes and low and high pH. Able to create clear-transparent formulas and stable solid suspensions.

Discover the Properties of SEPIMAX™ ZEN

Ready-to-use: pre-neutralized powder

Cold or hot process

pH range: 2-8

Multifunctional: thickening, stabilizing and texturizing

Extreme resistance to electrolytes up to 10% salt

“Chassis” behavior in the presence of electrolytes (without
viscosity drop)

Forms clear aqueous gels

Excellent particle suspension power

Sprayable fluid to thick textures

Compatible with ethanol and other solvents, surfactants, AHAs,
salicylic acid, pigments, etc.

*Not Yet TSCA Certified

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