It’s Time for an Alternative – Mersolat H Series Surfactants

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The recent shortage of AOS 40% surfactant in the market left many customers seeking answers –  don’t get stuck next time, we have an alternative solution with added benefits you need to know about!

Mersolat H series product are secondary alkane sulfonate (SAS) surfactants that are available in 30% and 40% solutions, as well as a 95% white flake.

Benefits vs. AOS 40%

  • Equal or better performance for emulsification, surface tension reduction and antistatic function
  • Lower iodine and sodium sulfate values making it a highly effective stabilizer for emulsion polymerization applications
  • High solids emulsion stabilization and dispersion
  • High stable foam properties
  • Lower acute oral and dermal toxicity (LD50-Rats)
  • Environmentally beneficial profile, readily biodegradable per OECD 301E tests
  • Compliant with many FDA Title 21 CFR food contact applications

Mersolat H Series Surfactants Applications

  • Aionic surfactant for the production of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Auxiliary for the manufacture and stabilization of emulsions
  • Additive for the emulsions polymerization of unsaturated compounds, especially PVC
  • Emulsifier in polyurethanes
  • Antistatic agent for plastic materials, especially PVC-U and polyester
  • Wetting agent for the textile and leather industry (textile processing chemical; leather auxiliary)

Available in drums, totes or bulk.

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