Why Work With a Chemical Distributor?

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Working with a chemical distributor can benefit your company. Sea-Land Chemical Company offers technical experts, a wide range of products, stocked material, lower shipping costs and logistical expertise making us your supplier of choice. 

Technical Experts 

The biggest value distributors offer is expertise. Sea-Land has a deep understanding of the chemistries we sell, the markets you’re in and the solutions needed for the right formulations. Our goal is to help you find the right solution for your needs. As a distributor, our knowledge goes beyond any single set of products to include sourcing and logistical expertise.  

Wide Range of Solutions 

Sea-Land partners with more than 50 suppliers around the world. These suppliers include some of the leading global chemical manufacturers and specialty chemical manufacturers. Our broad and deep supply chain provides the stability, variety and timeliness to meet your needs.  

Stocked Material 

Sea-Land has the flexibility to stock the products you need, and to get you the right chemicals right away. Warehouses are throughout North America, and products are ready for immediate shipment. This ensures you’ll get the material you need right away.

Lower Shipping Cost 

Working with Sea-Land enables you to build an order with multiple products from different manufacturers. These materials could incur higher shipping costs when purchased and shipped individually. Sea-Land also simplifies invoicing when you buy from the many world-class manufacturers we represent. Your purchases get consolidated on to a single statement.

Superior Customer Service

These key elements, combined with our committed customer service team, provide you with a superior experience and the right outcomes. You can trust Sea-Land to provide your technical and supply chain with the best solutions.

Your Chemical Distributor of Choice

In conclusion, partnering with a chemical distributor such as Sea-Land Chemical Company can bring numerous benefits to your company. Our team of technical experts possesses extensive knowledge of the chemistries, markets, and formulations, going beyond a single product line to offer sourcing and logistical expertise. With a wide range of solutions from over 50 global suppliers, Sea-Land ensures stability, variety, and timely delivery to meet your needs. Their stocked materials, conveniently located in warehouses across North America, guarantee immediate shipment and availability.

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