Stay Ahead of Current Chemical Supply Chain Challenges

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Continued pressures are being felt throughout the chemical supply chain and you should be aware of the latest developments. There are potential impacts to your operations.

  • Major winter storms and arctic temperatures caused many chemical plants to shut down, resulting in multiple force majeure declarations in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. Feedstocks and finished products are impacted.
  • Rolling power outages have added to the problems in these regions
  • Nationwide, a continued shortage of CDL drivers and equipment, limited ocean freight capacity, and ongoing port congestion are affecting transportation networks
  • A limited supply of steel drums is causing delays and forcing producers to offer alternative packaging options.
  • A recovering economy is straining COVID-reduced inventory levels

Any of these individual issues would cause chemical supply chain problems. Combined, we are likely to see product lead times grow well beyond market norms.

While your shipments may take longer, know that everyone at Sea-Land is doing everything possible to relieve these pressures. Three recommendations to consider:

  • Revisit your safety stock levels to prepare for unanticipated delays. Your Sea-Land account team can help.
  • Place your order earlier than normal in anticipation of slower transit times. Your Sea-Land team can provide the latest guidance when you’re ready.
  • Consider alternative chemistries we may have available that could meet your formulation needs. Sea-Land can provide samples and technical data as needed.

We appreciate your continued confidence as we work on minimizing disruptions to your operations. Taking the greatest care of our customers is always our focus.

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