Thicken and Emulsify Highly Alkaline Gels

Sea-Land Chemical Company |

Solagum™ SF 306: A Thicker & Emulsifer polymer for Highly Alkaline Gels

SOLAGUM™ SF 306 is a polymer from SEPPIC’s SOLAGUM™ family range of multipurpose thickeners and emulsifiers, which are extremely easy to use.

All SOLAGUM™ thickeners can be used to prepare stable, highly alkaline gels, SOLAGUM™ SF 306 being the best candidate when considering the cost/performance ratio.

Two methods can be used to prepare aqueous alkaline gels with SOLAGUM™: direct procedure or pre-gel procedure. Both methods result in the same viscosities, the pre-gel procedure being less time-consuming. Maximum thickening is achieved within one day.

Thickening performance of SOLAGUM™ SF 306 towards 10% and 25% NaOH vs. thickener concentration after 1 day, 3 months, and 6 months aging at 20°C.

Discover the Properties of SOLAGUM™ SF 306

  • Ready to use in polymer fluid form
  • Compatible at neutral and basic pH
  • No heating neutralizing & maturing phases required
  • Excellent emulsifier even with silicone oil

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