Lubricant Expo: North America’s Largest Industry Event

Sea-Land Chemical Company |

Sea-Land will attend the Lubricant Expo North America in Detroit, MI. The expo and convention will occur on March 19-21, 2024. The Bearing Show North America will coincide with the Lubricant Expo.

The Lubricant Expo North America is the sister show to Europe’s largest industry event, the Lubricant Expo Europe. This extensive convention and expo features many exhibitors worldwide and in many industries. Other than lubricants, industries such as automotive, chemical, and metalworking will be in attendance. This three-day expo and conference will provide extensive knowledge and the opportunity to build networks with all ends of the lubricant industry.

We look forward to attending and networking with professionals throughout the lubricant industry. Sea-Land is committed to providing innovative solutions to our customers; we look forward to sharing our knowledge from this expo and conference.

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