Low Foam Surfactants

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What is a Surfactant?

A surfactant or a surface-active agent is a compound that lowers the surface tension of a fluid. Surfactants can be added to a formula to affect the wetting and emulsifying of a product.

Effects of Foam in Your Metalworking Fluid

Metalworking Fluid

The presence of foam in metalworking fluids can give rise to a spectrum of issues ranging from compromised performance to operational challenges. These issues include:

  • foam build-up in your sump
  • trapping of fines and debris on the cutting surface
  • improper cooling
  • misting/ odor problems
  • reduced lubrication

These challenges often stem from air being trapped in the fluid which is a result of exposure to air or the agitation of the fluid. Adjusting the surfactants used or adding an antifoam- a mixture designed to eliminate and control foam build-up, can help to prevent these issues.

Solutions to Help Reduce Foam in Your Fluid

To combat foam effectively in your metalworking fluid, there are several surfactants, or surfactant combinations you can try. By combining surfactants, you can further optimize your metalworking fluid for minimal foam. Here are some effective combinations:

  • AKYPO ROX RS-0606N and AKYPO RO 90 VG: This combination reduces foam due to synergistic effects between a nonionic and anionic surfactant paring.
  • AKYPO LF 4 and AKYPO RO 90 VG: Ideal for addressing foam due to water conditions.

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