Looking For Sustainable Surfactants?

Brittany Hennings |

TOMAKLEEN® X-Series Meets the Criteria EPA’s Safer Choice Standard 

Replace your use of non-direct release-approved surfactants with Evonik TOMAKLEEN® X-Series sustainable surfactants to enable your use of the Safer Choice label on your products without compromising performance.

The TOMAKLEEN® X-Series products are market-leading surfactants that meet the criteria for direct release use under EPA’s Safer Choice Standard. These surfactants are approved for outdoor applications that are likely to bypass wastewater treatment systems. Both TOMAKLEEN® X-Series surfactants are now approved CleanGredients and can be used to develop sustainable cleaning formulations which will use the Safer Choice ecolabel.

TOMAKLEEN® X-50 can be used as a primary surfactant or formulated into industrial-strength or touchless cleaning and for exceptional degreasing with various soils, even emulsifying.

TOMAKLEEN® X-90 can be used similarly for more application opportunities – as an excellent demulsifier and specialty use, like removing polymerized soils and foam control. 

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