Is Your Amine Supply Secure?

Sea-Land Chemical Company |

Supply chain uncertainties affecting DIPA, MIPA, MEA, TEA, and DGA are surfacing once again. At Sea-Land we’ve established a strong partnership with Advancion to ensure a reliable supply chain. Advancion prioritizes consistent supply, enabling us to serve our customers confidently and efficiently. This collaboration allows us to overcome supply challenges and meet our clients’ demands seamlessly. 

CORRGUARD™ FS, the latest addition to the CORRGUARD family of multifunctional additives, is an ideal alternative to DIPA, MIPA, MEA, TEA, and DGA. 

Advancion’s portfolio of CORRGUARD amino alcohols delivers the performance you need for your metalworking fluid formulations.

  • Extended fluid life with decreased migration into tramp oil
  • Multi-metal compatibility, superior corrosion resistance and improved aluminum staining
  • Lower toxicity profile for improved GHS labeling 
  • Efficient neutralization and easy incorporation into existing formulations
  • Easy incorporation into existing formulations with neutralization efficiency very similar to MIPA and better than DGA, allowing lower treat rates for cost-effective performance.

Don’t get caught shorthanded. Call us today to secure your supply of high-performance CORRGUARD chemistries and get the peace of mind you need to perform your best.

How Does Corrguard FS Compare To Alternatives?

Corrguard FS vs MIPA

  • Favorable labeling and EH&S profile
  • Similar neutralization strength to make an easy 1 to 1 replacement
  • improved protection against aluminum staining

Corrguard FS vs DGA

  • Lower treat rates for cost-effective performance 
  • Improved protection against aluminum staining
  • Extended fluid life performance

Corrguard FS vs MEA

  • Favorable labeling and EH&S profile 
  • Improved protection against aluminum staining
  • Extended fluid life performance

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