Formulate Longer Life Metalworking Fluids

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Finding the right additives when formulating longer life metalworking fluids is an essential part of a formulation chemist’s job.

Kao Chemicals Europe provides key surfactant technology for modern metalworking formulations that are crucial for water-miscible fluids.  Two additives provided by Kao, AKYPO® RO 50 VG and AKYPO® RO 90 VG, are co-emulsifiers and lime soap dispersants with long alkyl chains (C16-18) and a moderate to high degree of ethoxylation.

AKYPO RO 50 VG and AKYPO RO 90 VG feature the following primary properties:

  • Hard water stability
  • Outstanding lime soap dispersion power
  • Multifunctional co-emulsifier / stabilizer
  • Supports corrosion prevention
  • Easy handling and formulating
  • Globally registered
  • Environmentally friendly

These properties will help enable your formulations to successfully meet the increasing demands of your customers:

  • Longer life metalworking fluids
  • Improves concentrate and emulsion stability
  • Lower maintenance costs and increased production due to clean fluids
  • Helps foam control
  • Assists lubricity for increased tool lifetimes
  • Mild labeling and environmentally friendly metalworking fluids

Along with the AKYPO trade name, Kao Chemicals Europe’s other additive brands for metalworking fluids include AKYPO® ROX, KAO FINDET, AMIDET® and FOSFODET®.

Download the Kao Metalworking Additives Brochure

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