Enhancing Solubility with Simulsol SL 7 G

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Your Ideal Non-Ionic Surfactant

Manufactured Using Green Chemistry Methods

Akylpolyglucoside – 100% biobased hydrotrope

Simulsol SL 7 G is a non-ionic surfactant from the polyglucosides family, and is a concentrated liquid, easy to handle, and exhibits excellent compatibility, stability and solubility in highly concentrated media and on a broad range of pH. Hydrotropes, such as SIMULSOL SL 7 G, improve the solubility of organic compounds in aqueous solutions.

EH&S Profile

Simulsol SL 7 G is an ideal non-ionic surfactant for a company interested in green technologies, it is Manufactured Using Green Chemistry Methods. The product is ecocert and suitable for Ecolabel.

Discover the Properties of Simulsol SL 7 G

Hydrotrope & solubiliser


Low foam properties

Suitable for alkaline, acidic, oxidative or electrolytic media

No cloud point

Readily biodegradable

Ecocert and suitable for Ecolabel

Awarded the Prix Pierre Potier

Applications for Simulsol SL 7 G

Crop Protection

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