Sea-Land’s Values

Every day, Sea-Land conducts business with suppliers and customers. Our employees provide technical support, logistical support, customer service and more. The way in which our business is conducted is as important to our culture as the business itself. To that end, Sea-Land employees take pride in doing their jobs while adhering to our Mission, Vision, and Values.


Sea-Land strives to be a leader by enabling the right solutions for successful outcomes through our industry-leading knowledge and expertise.


To create value for our customers, suppliers and employees by delivering sustainable solutions while taking the greatest care of our partners.


Ownership | Trust and Integrity | Respect | Engagement | Curiosity | Excellence | Agility | Passion

  • Ownership – as employee owners, we initiate creating positive results and care about the outcome. We move together efficiently and with clarity of purpose. Sea-Land succeeds when we honor commitments, are responsible for our actions, own and learn from our mistakes, and share in our successes.
  • Trust and Integrity – we are direct and truthful. We disclose all relevant and appropriate information and welcome discussion of difficult topics. We insist on integrity, honesty, treating others with respect and modeling ethical behavior.
  • Respect – we value and appreciate each other’s capabilities, perspectives, experiences and contributions while treating each other with dignity.
  • Engagement– we understand what’s important and have the confidence to make decisions. We foster an environment where individual development is prioritized. People feel committed to the organization and know how their contributions matter to our business partners and company success.
  • Curiosity – we desire to continuously learn and actively seek diverse perspectives and opinions from others. We continue to understand changing market conditions. We ask why, what if, or how might we?
  • Excellence – we expect the best from our management, our co-workers and ourselves. We take pride in delivering exceptional results, overcoming obstacles and finding solutions for our stakeholders.
  • Agility– we are flexible and embrace change on behalf of our business partners.
  • Passion – we enjoy our work. We are motivated every day to work as a team, advocating for our business partners and delivering on our promises. We are enthusiastic and committed to our cause.