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AMP-95 is the product name under which ANGUS markets 2-amino-2-methyl-1 propanol containing 5% added water. This colorless mobile liquid with a relatively low viscosity remains liquid at temperatures as low as 4°C (39°F) to permit easy, convenient handling.


CORRGUARD® LF-100 is a primary non-ionic emulsifier for all types of metalworking fluid formulations with low foam, hard-water stability and low viscosity.  CORRGUARD LF-100 can also be used as the sole emulsifier, simplifying your formulation, or combined with others to optimize cost and performance.

Corrguard® LSA 6000 amino alcohol contains less than 0.75% secondary amines and provides customers concerned with secondary amine levels an option when formulating end-use products. This product is compliant with German TRGS 611 for use in metalworking fluids. Corrguard LSA 6000 offers the following key benefits to metalworking fluid formulators:

  • Cost efficient alkaline pH development and neutralization of acidic components
  • Improved resistance to microbial degradation
  • Stable emulsions at high pH
  • Enhanced performance of triazine biocides
  • Minimal ammonia release
  • Minimal leaching of cobalt
  • Low secondary amine content

CORRGUARD® SI is a corrosion inhibitor primarily used for aluminum alloy, galvanized steel and galvanneal staining inhibition, while also providing emulsification and lubricity properties.  The environmentally preferred product is free of silicates and phosphorus.

CORRGUARD® EXT is a readily biodegradable, multifunctional neutralizer that enables longer-lasting metalworking fluids with improved pH stability and multi-metal compatibility.  CORRGUARD EXT is listed on most major chemical inventories and is REACH compliant.

CORRGUARD® FLEX is a primary amine with 100% water solubility that neutralizes, stabilizes pH and extends fluid life in a broad range of metalworking fluid formulations.  CORRGUARD FLEX is broadly registered for use in all major geographies.

AEPD brand of 2-amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol is manufactured by ANGUS Chemical Company. This aminodiol has a wide variety of end uses including dispersions, emulsification, formaldehyde scavenging, and synthesis.

AEPD-85 is a high performance amino alcohol for metalworking fluids that helps develop and maintain alkaline pH, improves corrosion inhibition and reduces cobalt leaching.  AEPD-85 is an excellent choice for the replacement of diethanolamine because it has almost identical base strength (pKa).

CORRGUARD® 95, a primary amino alcohol corrosion inhibitor, is a strong base with low molecular weight.  It is a very efficient neutralizer of acidic ingredients such as carboxylic acids and phosphate esters.  CORRGUARD 95 extends fluid life and minimizes the leaching of cobalt.

AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000 is an efficient primary amine neutralizing agent for acid functional raw materials. For decades, formulators have turned to the proven effectiveness of ANGUS’ high-purity ULTRA PC amino alcohols. In hand sanitizes, AMP-Ultra PC 2000 has cemented its place as the neutralizer of choice for crystal clear carbomer gels with high alcohol content.