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Ingevity’s Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) are primarily used by customers as a base chemistry for derivatization. Specifically, in the metalworking fluids industry, they are used to create esters as lubricant additives. The benefits of using TOFA include:

  • Lubricity agent
  • Low viscosity allows easy handling
  • Rosin content adds less bioactivity relative to vegetable alternatives

TOFAs also find use in:

  • Synthetic ester production
  • Alkyd resin production
  • Anionic flotation of ore
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Fuel lubricity additives

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Ingevity’s Distilled Tall Oil (DTO) is a sustainable material comprised of rosin and fatty acids with typical rosin acid ranges of 25-40%. Commonly used as a co-emulsifier in soluble oil and semi-synthetic metalworking formulations, adding Altapyne DTO products to your formulation provides:

  • Improved emulsion stability over fatty acids
  • Reduced foam due to higher rosin content
  • Better hard water tolerance than fatty acids
  • Reduced bioactivity relative to fatty acids

Ingevity’s high rosin Altapyne DTOs are stabilized to prevent crystallization tendencies.

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